Communication and marketing through choreography and moves

Gabrielle offers a creative and a human scale partnership to advertising, communication and marketing agencies. Her working experience with major brands allows her to join your team as an artistic director, a choreographer or a performer…


Catwalk choreography – Body image – Gestural signature – Fair hosting – Brand ambassador – Stage coaching – Conference hosting

Artist, performer and choreographer

Gabrielle is the main contact for production companies or artists themselves, choreographing your video, gig or show. Comfortable both offstage, acting as a director or on stage, she fully understands the artistic and organisational issues surrounding your project and she can fit in any plural team and/or provide her own network of artists. As a stage coach, Gabrielle gives you the tools to a successful performance.


Video choreography – Screenwriting – Show production – Auditions – Dance performance – Motion Capture – Stage coaching – Physical training

Self-care and group emulation

Gabrielle provides technical and artistic leadership for shows and short-lived performances to businesses, institutions and communities. She coaches managers and hosts team building and corporate workshops.


Team Building workshops – Flash mob and Lip dub – Dance performance – Managers’ coaching – Public speaking coaching – Choreographic workshops – Pilates and health expertise – Relaxation and stress relief workshops – Warm-ups – Conference and seminar hosting


For all your entertainment, whether you are hosting private and public events or an individual, Gabrielle is here to help you set up short-lived events, choreography and stage performances. She plans and executes your Flash mob, she scripts and creates your lip dub…


Wedding dance choreography – All genres thematic show – Dance introduction workshops – Fitness coaching – Bachelorette parties – Flash mob for birthdays, bat mitzvah and bar mitzvah, weddings, hen do…