This collaboration has been very important and rewarding for me. Pascal Douek made a selection of high profiles’ experts which led to great collaborations with big names such as Bernadette de Gasquet.

Gabrielle Eychenne
Choreographer and performer

Dear Gabrielle,
Thank you so much for your contribution to this book. Your willingness and your open and positive state of mind are the signs of longevity that made the book a reality.

See you soon,

Pascal Douek
Longevity expert author

Contribution to Pascal Douek’s book “Le grand livre des secrets de la longévité” (the great book about the secrets of longevity) released by Leduc.s publishing.

  • Physical activity expert
  • Sport, well-being and aging expert
  • Cooperation with other health/longevity experts
  • Book Promotion


To add practical information to his book, Leduc.s publishing asked Pascal Douek to collaborate with experts on several topics: yoga, Mediterranean diet, mediation and physical activity.

Gabrielle’s job was to come up with exercises easy to understand and make.

The goal was for readers to get a wake-up call and start acting and taking care of themselves through physical exercise for their longevity.


  • Creating 5 exercises both complete and achievable to work on all physical aspects to age gracefully.
  • Concisely depicting the exercises according to Leduc.s publishing’s instructions (guiding the designer to stylize the drawings illustrating the theory and the exercises, etc.)
  • Promoting the book through interviews and conferences (Radio, TV, trade shows, etc).
  • Launching a social media contest to give books away.


Dr Pascal Douek is a doctor, nutritionist and sports physician. He is DDB Health Paris President and has been working for the past 28 years in the fields of health and communications.

He is an expert in health prevention and longevity and has developed the concept “Déclic attitude”. He is the author of “Le grand livre des secrets de la longévité”.