Having so many professionals on the same show is extremely inspiring. All these performers have a strong personality and a raw talent. Thanks to them I was able to provide Suzuki with an innovative and stunning show. Many thanks to them!

Gabrielle Eychenne
Choreographer and performer

Danced show for Suzuki new product launch

  • High-class casting
  • Choreography
  • Dance performance
  • Flash mob set-up


To launch its new car, Ignis, Suzuki organised a corporate event “Ignis does her show” and invited 300 of its executives to the Deauville racecourse for a cinema themed show. Gabrielle was hired to set up a team of performers/ dancers and create a show of 8 choreographed scenes from scratch.


  • Auditioning world-renowned male and female dancers
  • Creating 8 choreographed scenes in connection with cinema and movies (James Bond, Dirty Dancing, The Blues Brothers, Rocky, La Boum, Les aventures de Rabbi Jacob, Mission: Impossible)
  • Choreographing and executing 2 flash mobs
  • Working on costumes (gowns, Cannes Festival evening dresses, themed outfits…) and on soundtracks
  • Working with the other artists involved: host, stuntmen, speed painter, etc


Suzuki Motor Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of motorcycles, cars and boat engines and one of the top-10 car manufacturers in the world.