Soweto Entsha band coaching on behalf of Indigo Production

  • Show choreography
  • Stage coaching
  • Fashion design
  • Warm-up training sessions
  • Lifestyle advice


Nicolas Ferru, talent discoverer and Indigo Production manager, had a crush on this gospel band. Before going on tour opening up for African Foot Print, these four raw talents needed to be more professional. The goal was to promote the artists on stage, translate their music into dancing moves and reveal their talent to the public. 


  • Getting to know their musical universe and physical restraints (can’t jump and sing…)
  • Working on their visual image: costumes, classy style, colour code, gesture…
  • Teaching how to behave on stage: acting as a professional, looking far ahead, resisting to diverse temptations…
  • Choreographing “Soweto Entsha” opening up African Foot Print’s show (60 dates a year, premiere at the Casino de Paris and performing at the 2010 football World Cup opening ceremony in South Africa).
  • Teaching how to become independent while on tour


Indigo Production produces successful shows filling most venues in France (Zenith) and in Europe with shows like African foot Print, Irish Celtics, Soy de Cuba, Diamond Dance, Dirty Dancing…