I hired Gabrielle to prepare a musical show. I needed a muscular reinforcement program and to regain strength to feel more comfortable on stage. Her program was very much made for my body. She also helped me reach a physical fitness I needed to dance, and with some moves including swing moves when talking about musicals.

It was a very comprehensive work and it really helped me feeling more comfortable on stage. Thank you very much Gabrielle

Domitille Lutz

Sports and stage coach for Domitille Lutz, performer

  • Staging
  • Stage coaching
  • Sports coaching
  • Choreography

Stage coaching can be applied to all artists, whatever their skills, willing to improve their performance. Whether it is an up-coming artist (who might want to fine-tune his project), or a band with a lot of experience (who might want to regain energy), working with a stage coach helps reviewing the basics and hit the reset button. Working from the current situation, keeping in mind the artist or band’s project and listening to his/their wishes, the stage coach works on matching the artist desire to what the audience gets.


Domitille Lutz hired Gabrielle Eychenne as her stage and sports coach. Gabrielle also designed dance moves, specific to her songs, for her appearances on many stages across France and internationally: The Jardin d’Acclimatation in Paris, Hong Kong, touring in Europe and in China…


Body and behaviour reviewing to enhance strengths and get rid of weaknesses.

Tailor-made training sessions with daily exercise to shape a physical condition similar to a top athlete.

Working on lifestyle and physical recovery to cope with jet lag and be fit on stage even after a long trip.

Designing choreography, working on swing dance moves and French music (Charles Trenet, Henri Salvador, Félix Leclerc and Francis Lemarque).

Working on rhythm, hips move and overall posture (how to succeed a pirouette, grasp the stage area).


Trained at the Conservatoire d’Art Dramatique in Lille (Academy of dramatic art in the North of France) and a graduate of the IFM (Fashion school in Paris) after graduating in Modern literature, Domitille Lutz first started as a children fashion designer.

Endorsed by record label “Naïve Jeunesse”, she works on bringing children stories into musical shows.