Our 400 young students were very enthusiastic. Gabrielle communicated a terrific positive attitude ideal for a good start filled with great memories.

Laurent Chantre
CNEAP Director

Flash mob set up and execution for the CNEAP (private agricultural educational institutions) in Troyes (France)

  • Artistic direction
  • Choreography
  • Sound system
  • Logistics
  • Team management

In order to succeed, a flash mob must be set up by a director familiar with handling teams and groups and a professional dancer able to customise her choreography to deliver your message and meet your expectations…


As part of the one-day orientation for new students coming from all across France, the CNEAP wanted to organise a fun and cohesive activity that will make a lasting impression.


  • Selecting a modern, upbeat and lively music
  • Choreography creation
  • Setting up a team of 8 hosts/ dancers
  • Selecting a shared accessory: a coloured scarf to identify your age group
  • Teaching choreography to students split in small groups to channel energies
  • Directing and hosting the performance
  • Managing the video recording


CNEAP is a network of private agricultural educational institutions and training centres dedicated to agriculture and life science careers