With this flash mob, we wanted to get rid of the stiffness that the professions of accounting, consulting and auditing can project. What an achievement to see our teams play along and show such enthusiasm! A huge thank you to Gabrielle and her team!

Christian BAUDOUIN
Michel Creuzot Director

Flash mob set up and execution for a French accounting, consulting and audit firm

  • Style and image coaching
  • Choreography creation
  • Entertainment team’s audition
  • Teaching classes
  • Support in the making of the event’s video

A successful flash mob in front of guests, spectators or participants is always a great surprise, a time of sharing and happiness and something to be remembered… It can then be shared online or on any other networks where you can already find many flash mobs videos made by companies, sports teams, fire brigades, friends, families…


In 2017, Michel Creuzot decided to change its visual identity and create a team building event around this. The idea of organising a flash mob became obvious given the number of participants and the need to have a strong communication around the launch of the new logo.


Gabrielle Eychenne rallied her team of professional dancers to create and produce a cohesive flash mob within the company Michel Creuzot.

To execute this job Gabrielle obtained the permits and gathered the accessories needed, she wrote and choreographed the flash mob while taking into account the architecture of the venue (Orléans theatre forecourt) and conducted the rehearsals with the help of 4 others.

And here is to entrepreneurship live in video! Dynamism, cohesion, festive atmosphere!


Michel Creuzot is a French accounting, consulting and audit firm, simplifying business management. Its 150 employees, spread over 11 locations, advise almost 4,000 customers in management, accounting, business and social laws.