Playing Nilin, I was totally part of her world. While shooting I was no longer Gabrielle, but Nilin, memory hunter in a futuristic flooded Paris. 

Gabrielle Eychenne
Motion Capture actress

Motion Capture actress for DONTNOD, publishing video game “Remember Me” on PS4

  • Motion capture
  • Stunts
  • Acting
  • Product testing
  • Giving demos in tradeshows

Motion Capture (or mocap) is the process of recording the position and the movement of objects or people. In filmmaking and video game development, it refers to recording actions of human actors, and using that information to animate digital character models in 3D computer animation.


When DONTNOD Entertainment decided to develop the video game “Remember Me” they chose to hire Gabrielle Eychenne to play the lead part using Motion Capture. This long term collaboration (4 years) required many acting skills to play fast motion, fighting or emotional scenes.


During 4 years, Gabrielle combined her acting and stunts skills. She was strongly involved in the creation of her character searching for influence to define her style, her expressions and her moves.

Working sessions were intensive including motion capture shooting, emotion miming, expression tracking.

Gabrielle’s experience with the Yamakasi (doing urban stunts) was really useful to emphasize the character’s strong personality.

Motion capture and stunt actress daily routine consists of a lot of warm-up sessions and technical experiments. 


DONTNOD Entertainment is an independent French studio, based in Paris, developing video games in popular genres. Every new game is an original, natively multi-screen creation with a unique narrative experience and game play (consoles, PC, smartphones, tablets, Mac and TV) including the use of Motion Capture.