CongopunQ is an amazing team, a great spirit and a tribal universe that kick-ass!

Gabrielle Eychenne
Dancer and choreographer

Choreographic creation for CongopunQ “Shake it All Out” music video

  • Danced performance
  • Choreography

Music videos turn songs into images. This medium promotes a piece of music. Several profiles are involved: directors, dancers, extras, singers, actors, camera operators, makeup artists … Directing a music video leaves no room for improvisation, each move is choreographed and attitudes are planned.


CongopunQ was releasing a solo album and was looking for a choreographer and performer to showcase their universe in the music video “Shake it All Out” directed by Frédéric Sofiyana.


Gabrielle provided costume props and choreographed all the moves. She also performed in the video and took part in the screenwriting alongside the creative and technical team driven by Frédéric Sofiyana.


Cyril Atef, -M- Matthieu Chédid’s drummer, is CongopunQ lead singer. He likes to describe his music as coming from out of space and his look as awaking senses and leading to trance.