Gabrielle was able to understand and translate my universe into dancing moves. She is subtle and meticulous when performing. I wanted her to become the icon of my videos. She is pleasant and professional.


Dancing and choreographing singer Everdine’s videos

  • Stage coaching
  • Video choreographing
  • Dancing performance

Music videos turn songs into images. This medium promotes a piece of music. Several profiles are involved: directors, camera operators, dancers, extras, singers, actors, makeup artists, lighting and sound engineers, editors … Directing a music video leaves no room for improvisation, each move is choreographed, attitudes are planned and each piece must stick to the music.


Inspired by artists such as Madonna or Lady Gaga, Everdine wanted to combine music and choreography. To do so, she had to work on her swing and dancing skills. She also wished to dance with another female dancer in her first videos.


To choreograph Everdine’s videos, Gabrielle adapted the «sexy pop» style, wanted by the artist, to fit each musical project. She suggested original and classy cabaret dance moves, driven by fashion, and modern moves using freeze frames to create a static shot just like a still photograph.

Acting as the artist’s muse, Gabrielle developed a strong and feminine gestural and visual identity.


In 2018 Everdine released her first album with blues and pop sounds with a hint of jazz. French artist of Cambodian origin, she sings in English. Her extended practice of martial arts helps her to maintain a strict physical discipline and to feel comfortable in her own body.